Bachelor of Science in “Computer Engineering Technology”


Computer Engineering Technology offers a Bachelor of Science degree and is accredited by Engineering Technology Accreditation Commission of ABET.

The goal of the Computer Engineering Technology program is to provide students with a high quality applications-oriented undergraduate education based on state-of-the-art technology as a preparation for productive employment in the broad field of microcomputer applications. This is accomplished by constantly updating course content to keep it current with industrial changes. We also support the development of computer facilities and encourage the integration of advanced technology into all courses. Faculty development and professional growth are encouraged. This program was created to meet the educational needs of the Houston urban community. It fosters self-awareness and personal growth as well as a desire to learn.

Many fields use microcomputers that are often linked together in networks. Microcomputers can be used to create documents, do accounting tasks, organise information, and keep track of inventories and other business data. These microcomputers are used to manage manufacturing, chemical production, and oil refining processes. Many microcomputers are key components in routing data and telephone conversations, as well as providing best shipping, billing and routing information for trucking and shipping. They also provide information to airlines for ticketing and routing information. Computers and the appropriate software packages can be used to solve engineering and scientific problems, aid in medical tests, diagnoses, or to design structures.

Computers are now used in almost every aspect of modern life. People who can set up, manage, repair, or configure microcomputer systems can be a valuable asset to industry and business. Computer specialists are highly valued because they have a deep understanding of both the hardware and software requirements. Computer Engineering Technology majors are trained in the use of modern components and software in computer systems. The foundations of mathematics, basic sciences, electronics, and math are provided to students. Digital circuits, microcomputer architecture, and systems are all covered in detail. The hardware, software, firmware, and security aspects of microcomputers will all be covered. Computer Technology graduates are qualified to work in various industries, including as field specialists, interface designers and software specialists.

Computer Engineering Technology: What’s it all about?

Computer engineering deals with hardware and software systems, and how to get them to work together effectively. As support workers, computer engineering technologists are employed within the industry. Engineering technology jobs can be easier than with traditional engineering degrees. You may enter the field with an associate’s degree or a bachelors degree. A four-year degree will give you a different education than if it were computer engineering. Computer engineering technology is more about practicality than theory. There won’t be as much engineering and less calculus.

According to the BLS, computer engineering techs can work as network administrators or computer systems administrators and earn nearly $72,00.

What are you able to do with your education? Plenty. Purdue University refers to engineering technologists as practitioners. This is because some engineering programs were created out of the 1960’s and 1950’s efforts to be the most technologically advanced nation. This new frontier required the expertise of conceptualizers, people who could create new knowledge. However, only a small number of engineering jobs today require conceptualizers. The rest require practitioners. Although graduates of top-quality engineering technology programs can take on engineering positions, they are not able to compete for all the jobs they could have if they had an engineer licence and an engineering degree.

2 Popular Education Options: devry BcetGrantham BCET

The ABET accreditation body notes that associate-level computer engineering technologists can take on tasks such as testing, building, maintaining, and operating. Baccalaureate candidates are also able to develop and implement systems. Computer technology will provide you with a solid foundation in concepts such as embedded systems, semiconductors, and electrical circuits.

What do computer engineering technologists do on the job? There are many options, including quality assurance, computer-integrated manufacturing, technical documentation and computer repairs. According to schools, graduates of these programs have been hired as software engineers, test engineers, or computer systems engineers. Prospective students need to be aware of the fact that bachelor’s degrees are preferred for many engineering jobs.

Computer Engineering Technology Salary and Career Outlook

What are the expected earnings if you choose to study computer technology? And what is the demand for your skills? It depends on many factors, including your education level and how long you have worked in the field. The Bureau of Labour Statistics offers some insight into what you can aspire to.

Between 2008 and 2018, the average salary for network and computer system administrators was expected to rise 23% In 2010, the average salary was $72,200.

During the same period, computer support specialists earned an average salary of $49 930. Computer support jobs don’t require a lot of education. Some are open to people with associate degrees. The average annual wage for computer systems analysts with a bachelor’s degree was $81,250.

Purdue University hires engineering technologists.

These income levels are possible only if you have experience in the same field as other professions. To validate their competence in areas such as quality assurance or testing, some graduates seek certifications.

Profit from this growing and important industry

Computers are essential to every sector of modern society. The development of miniature, solid-state microprocessor technology and growing demand have led to the creation of smaller, more powerful and less expensive computers. This has increased the need for skilled technical personnel.

The 2-year Computer Engineering Technology Diploma Program will allow you to design, build, and program computers. You’ll also learn skills in software and hardware aspects of microcomputers, as well as extensive hands-on training.

This program right for you?

Computer Technology requires your total commitment. Expect to spend around 30 hours per week in labs or lectures and to do significant work at home. It is important to attend classes and not work.