5 Benefits of AC Replacement “United Refrigeration”


Florida’s mild spring weather makes it an ideal time for you to assess your AC system United refrigeration and schedule repairs or replacements. A replacement may be in your best interest during the hot summer months.

There are many reasons to repair or replace United Refrigeration

First, schedule a professional inspection to assess the condition of your HVAC systems. United Refrigeration, Heating and Air provides inspections and preventative maintenance for residential and commercial customers in Ocala and The Villages. United’s specialists are available to help with unexpected repairs or to install a new system when it reaches the end of its useful life. These are the top reasons to replace AC systems.

You can reduce your energy bills by reducing the efficiency of your system. Incorrect equipment operation can lead to overrunning the cooling or heating systems. It may be time for an upgrade to a more efficient, newer system in order to lower electricity costs.

Avoid costly repairs: You may need to repair your older unit more often than you would like. Expert technicians can help you decide if a replacement is worth the cost of repairs or new capacitors.

You can improve the conditions by replacing your air conditioner if your airflow quality is poor in hot or cold weather. If you hear loud noises or notice smells, it is time to call a technician.

Convenient Installation: It’s a simple process. If an expert recommends a replacement, why wait? It is better to plan a date for a spring installation than to suffer an unexpected system failure in the summer.

New Warranty: Businesses and homeowners can save time and money by installing a new system. A new warranty covers repairs and parts, so you can avoid costly repair visits for older units.

A new HVAC system can bring comfort and efficiency to homeowners and businesses, as well as long-term financial savings. United Refrigeration, Heating, and Air’s professional installation team is ready to assist you in making the right choice and installing the system that meets your needs.

Lakeland, FL is located in Polk County near Tampa. The winters are dry, mild and sunny, with high temperatures reaching the 70s and lows to the 50s. These temperatures make it important to ensure your United refrigeration system is operating properly at all times of the year.

There are many benefits to installing air conditioning in new homes, including increased efficiency, higher home value, cooler homes, proper sizing and other benefits. Florida’s heat and unpredictable weather can make it difficult to live in. A new air conditioner will help you be prepared. The latest technology will save you money on your cooling bills and reduce future costs. You will enjoy all the benefits of having your air conditioner installed by professionals.